• Cotton Contour Control Shorts
  • Cotton Contour Control Panty
  • Sheer Touch Forming String Body
  • Pure Energy 30 Leg Vitalizer Tights
  • Individual Nature Forming Dress
  • Synergy 40 Leg Support Tights
  • Cotton Contour Forming Capri Tights
  • Tummy 66 Control Top Tights
  • Individual Nature Forming Skirt
  • Sheer Touch Control Panty
  • Tulle Forming String Body
  • Sheer Touch Forming Body

Shape & Control - Shapewear That Fits Your Needs

In total, Wolford offers nearly 40 modern and comfortable-shaping styles. Our shapewear is divided into "light", "medium" or "strong" shaping effects in order to create a female silhouette that will meet the demands of Wolford customers at all times. 

Innovative Shapewear For Women:

The Wolford Shapewear collection offers maximum comfort and is continuously evolving. As a specialist in shaping tights, Wolford developers pursue their research of new technology and methods with a boundless passion to create masterpieces of comfort and innovation.Our shapewear is designed to be an optimal fit with the rest of the Wolford collection. Whether you’re searching for a comfortable pair of our shaping tights, bodywear, lingerie, or a dress you’ll find our selection will meet all of your needs.