Order Process

Please find a step by step guide of how to shop in the Wolford Online Boutique below:

See product details

In the Wolford Online Boutique, click on the picture or description of the product that catches your eye. This will bring you the product details, telling you all you want to know about the product.

How to select quantity, size and color

On the product detail page, you will find little buttons to select the size of the item, as well as a color indicator that shows the different colors that each item is available in.

How to add an item to the shopping cart

Click the “Add to cart” button that’s on the product detail page to put the selected item into your shopping cart. You can always review your order before completing the checkout. The infobox on the top right corner of the site shows you how many products you have in your cart at all times.

How to add more items to my shopping cart

After you add a product to your cart, our site will ask you whether you want to continue shopping, or whether you want to proceed to checkout. With closing the window you can repeat the procedure and add more items to the shopping cart.

How to view what I have in my shopping cart

View the contents of your shopping cart simply by clicking on the “Bag” icon, top right corner of the site


How to place an Order

Step 1: Review the items in your shopping cart, edit or delete them

Once that you have placed all the items you want to buy in the shopping cart, click on the “bag” icon in the top right corner of the site. Here, you will see a list of all the items that are currently in your shopping cart. You can still remove some items from your cart, if you want to. If you want to go back and browse further products, just close the window on the top right corner. Once you have reviewed and updated your cart, and are ready to place your order, just click on the “View Cart” or "Go straight to checkout" button.

Step 2: Logging in / Entering Address data

On the next screen, you will be asked if you would like to check out as a registered customer, or without using an account. If you don’t have an account but would like to create one, simply select the “create an account” option.

If you already have a personal Wolford account, we only need your e-mail address and password.

Customers with no account, or customers that register their account for the first time will need to enter their name and billing address in order to complete the order. After you entered your information, just click on the button under your Login / address information to proceed.

Step 3: Select Shipping method and address

Within the next screen you can select your preferred shipping method and enter your shipping address.

Step 4: Select Payment method

Finally, you can select your preferred method of payment.

If you have a voucher code for the Wolford Online Boutique, you can enter it in this screen and click on the “Apply” button. The total value of your order will then be reduced by your voucher’s worth.

Once you have all the information filled out (don’t forget to check your approval of the “Terms and Conditions” box).

Step 5: Submit order

After you hit the “continue to place order” button, an overlay window appears where you have to enter your payment details (e.g. Credit Card data or Paypal information) in order to complete the transaction.

Step 6: Order confirmation

Congratulations! Your order is on its way. We hope you’ll enjoy your Wolford product!