My Account & My Data

  • What happens to my data?
    For detailed information, please refer to our Privacy Policy
  • How can I delete my user account?
    To delete your account, please send an e-mail to or use our contact form for your request. We only need your e-mail address as well as your first and last name.
  • How can I register at the Wolford Online Boutique?
    You can register online under "My Account". After registering, you can manage your personal information at any time in the "My Account" section.
  • Can I make an order online without a user account?
    You can also place an order as a guest, but you must provide your e-mail address so that we can send you a confirmation mail. In addition, this e-mail contains a tracking number that allows you to track your shipment.
  • How can I change the data of my customer account?
    To make changes to your customer account, simply click on the "My Account" field in the Wolford Online Shop and log in with your e-mail address and password. Then you will be redirected to your account and your data. If you click on the "Edit data" field, you can, among other things, change your address or add another one.
  • My registration in the online shop does not work
    Enter your e-mail address and your personal password in the "My Account" field. Then click on "LOGIN". If the login does not work, you can request a new password via the service "Forgotten password?". To ensure the security of your data, you will need the e-mail address you used to sign up for your personal account. Your new password, which you can then change individually, will be sent to this e-mail address, which is known to us. Since only you or a person authorized to access your e-mail account, your password will not be transmitted to unauthorized third parties.
  • What are cookies and what are they used for?
    Cookies are small data sets, which are stored on web pages, in order to ensure a re-recognition during a new visit. Cookies are a common application that improves service and comfort for the user. You can use the security settings on your browser to switch off cookies at any time or prevent them from happening. In order to place an order at the Wolford Online-Boutique, however, the security settings of your browser must allow you to write cookies on your computer. The Cookies link provides instructions on how to change your cookie settings, depending on the browser.