• Jamaika Thong Body

    £75.00 - £125.00
  • Tulle Forming Body

  • Mat de Luxe Forming Thong Body

  • Viscose Body

    £75.00 - £125.00
  • Tulle Forming Thong Body

  • Jamaika Body

  • Cotton Contour Forming Body

  • 3W Forming Body

  • Mat de Luxe Forming Body

  • Bahamas Body

  • True Blossom Forming Body


A Classic Look Made From The Finest Materials

The Wolford Bodywear collection offers a wide range of timeless and long-lasting classics that feel incredible comfortable to wear. With just one body, you can avoid having to straighten your undershirt constantly, and feel comfortable all day long.

Our short sleeve bodies are versatile enough for any look. The Tulle Forming Body is the right choice for a snug undershirt, while the Jamaika String Body is a feminine alternative to the traditional tank top.