History Of Hosiery

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Founded 65 years ago Wolford has been producing in Bregenz and in Slovenia, since 2010, the world’s finest legwear, lingerie, ready-to-wear & knitwear such as accessories. Synonymous with effortless sophistication, true confidence, multifunctionality and holistic comfort, the company creates versatile yet beautiful pieces. As a global player, Wolford made commitment to innovation, modernity and elegance, a quiet statement that embodies the company’s treasured possession: a unique combination of creative design and technical know-how. Through holistic understanding of the layer closest to the skin, Wolford is to be worn every day, on every occasion, by every woman.


65 Years Of Pioneering Innovations

History of Hosiery


1930's: Nylon is invented

May 15, 1940: First nylon stockings in New York stores - 780.000 pairs are sold the first day

1940's: Nylon is introduced to Europe

1950: Wolford is born


History of Hosiery


1954: Wolford proudly presents its first seamless nylon stockings, beginning its tradition of pursuing the utmost comfort and finest quality.

1969: The first transparent and elastic tights are developed, and the perfect fit is born.

1977: MISS WOLFORD. The birth year of the first transparent support stockings with a forming panty area and perfectly graduated support function for the legs.

1988: SATIN TOUCH. Born to be a star, Wolford's transparent and glistening tights are introduced. They have been a bestseller ever since.

1994: FATAL TIGHTS. A revolution in legwear. Wolford introduces the first completely seamless tights.


History of Hosiery


1999: STAR(C)K NAKED. An innovative combination of tights and tube dress developed in cooperation with star designed Phillipe Starck perfectly complements the brand's values.

2011: SHAPE & CONTROL. Supporting the idea of femininity and absolute confidence, Wolford introduces body shaping lingerie for the perfect silhouette.

2014: PURE 50 TIGHTS. Wolford introduces a new range of legwear with glued invisible seams and silky fit.

2015: PURE 10 TIGHTS. Wolford's unprecedented history of innovative milestones continues season after season, year after year.

2016: 3W BRA INNOVATION: Made with two-ply Cotton Contour material, Wolford introduces a completely new technique with velvety, reinforced selvedge.