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    Recommended for you



    • Comet String Body

      Comet String Body

      £ 275.00 from £ 139.00

    • Cotton Contour Forming Body

      Cotton Contour Forming Body

      £ 115.00

    • Kim Body

      Kim Body

      £ 200.00 from £ 99.00

    • Tuck String Body

      Tuck String Body

      £ 200.00 from £ 99.00

    • Pure String Body

      Pure String Body

      £ 92.00

    • Pure Body

      Pure Body

      £ 99.00

    • Colorado Body

      Colorado Body

      £ 119.00

    • Pisa String Body

      Pisa String Body

      £ 130.00 from £ 65.00

    • Bahamas Body

      Bahamas Body

      £ 105.00

    • Berlin Body

      Berlin Body

      £ 130.00

    • Colorado String Body

      Colorado String Body

      £ 140.00

    • Buenos Aires String Body

      Buenos Aires String Body

      £ 155.00

    • Lisbon String Body

      Lisbon String Body

      £ 115.00

    • Sao Paulo String Body

      Sao Paulo String Body

      £ 115.00

    • Jamaika Body

      Jamaika Body

      £ 95.00

    • Jamaika String Body

      Jamaika String Body

      £ 95.00


    Buy Premium Bodywear online – The classy one piece

    Purist looks, feminine shapes, versatile functionality and renowned comfort. With these features, Wolford women's bodywear and women´s bodysuits offer an extensive range of timeless, yet durable classics to provide your skin with sheer luxury. Avoid the annoyance of straightening your undershirt repeatedly, and feel comfortable all day.

    Did you know that Wolford is famous for manufacturing high-quality fabrics? Our string bodies, lingerie bodies and long-sleeved bodies are must-haves and absolute favorites! An elegant look that's versatile enough to wear in any setting and emphasizes the feminine silhouette. Our styles are a longtime favorite for many women. In addition, these styles can easily be combined with all the other pieces in the Wolford collection. Whether in casual everyday clothing, in your business outfit, or underneath, our classic bodies are the perfect companion for any occasion.