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    Recommended for you



    • Structured Wool Plaid

      Structured Wool Plaid

      £ 300.00

    • Binx Plaid

      Binx Plaid

      £ 225.00

    • Structured Wool Wrap Scarf

      Structured Wool Wrap Scarf

      £ 225.00

    • Sequined structured Wool Scarf

      Sequined structured Wool Scarf

      £ 180.00

    • Julie Necklace

      Julie Necklace

      £ 120.00

    • Liya Belt

      Liya Belt

      £ 120.00

    • Julie Necklace

      Julie Necklace

      £ 90.00

    • Multifunction Merino Scarf

      Multifunction Merino Scarf

      £ 170.00

    • Myka Cap

      Myka Cap

      £ 65.00

    • Liya Bracelet

      Liya Bracelet

      £ 55.00

    • Joy Bracelet

      Joy Bracelet

      £ 45.00

    • Multifunction Scarf

      Multifunction Scarf

      £ 120.00

    • Wolford Calendar 2016

      Wolford Calendar 2016

      £ 19.00

    • Bra Straps Naked

      Bra Straps Naked

      £ 17.00

    • Hosiery Gloves

      Hosiery Gloves

      £ 15.00

    • Washbag


      £ 8.00

    • Fatal Belt

      Fatal Belt

      £ 29.00


    Discover the perfect accessories to compliment your style!

    The right accessory can take your style to the next level. These accessories feature the high-quality materials, classic designs and expert craftsmanship customers have come to expect from Wolford. Whether a comfy plaid poncho, warm wool scarf, a light shawl, or sparkling jewelry made from Swarovski crystals, whatever you choose is sure to be the perfect complement to your outfit. Wolford accessories are designed specifically to be an ideal match with the rest of our collection. Pair these elegant accessories with our luxurious ready-to-wear, tights, lingerie or other favorites for maximum effect.

    Shop online to easily customize and order the perfect outfit. Thanks to our 30-day return policy you can shop risk-free, knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed.