• Velvet Lace Forming Dress
  • Tulle Lace Forming Dress
  • Ind. Nature Forming Skirt
  • Velv. Forming Skirt High Waist
  • Ind. Nature Forming Dress
  • Lace Forming Dress
  • Sheer Touch Forming Skirt
  • Opaque Naturel Forming Dress
  • Tulle Forming Dress

Luxurious Slips & Skirts

Made from the high-quality materials in classic and contemporary designs, all of our lingerie is undeniably luxurious without sacrificing comfort. All of our luxury lingerie is incredibly comfortable, fitting like a second skin beneath any outfit. Whether you’re in search of loose and flowing lingerie, or lingerie with a light shaping effect, our selection is sure to please.

Buying Luxury Clothing Online Is A Breeze

Comfortable, practical and sensual: Wolford underwear is a must for all women who want to feel comfortable around the clock. Order our luxury underwear from online, and then try it on in the comfort of your home. Thanks to our 30 day return policy there’s no need to worry, if an item doesn’t fit simply return it for a full refund or the correct size.