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Wolford Net Tights

Fall in love with high-quality fishnet stockings from Wolford: Impressive styles and refined elegance make Wolford Net Tights a favorite. From the elegance of the 1920s to seamless, filigree mesh tights, to stylish large-meshed trend tights with a very large hole structure, the Wolford online shop offers hosiery in a variety of styles. Gain a seductive day into evening look and fall in love with the net couture of Wolford. Choose your own: either fine-meshed, medium-mesh or large mesh tights.

Mesh tights are an eye-catching sight. Your look will attract attention and give your outfit a little extra pep. Meanwhile, tights are just as practical as opaque pantyhose. Combine your pantyhose with a pair of jeans and let them flash over the waist. 

Learn how to style trendy outfits with your mesh tights in our new Style Guide.