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    A particular process whereby Lycra®* is covered with a continuous filament yarn (Velvet*).


    Perforated pattern (openwork) created by structuring stitches.


    During the manufacture of tights, Lycra® is frequently knitted (alternating) into every second row.


    The term denier* does not refer to the thickness of the yarn in this case, but instead to the appearance of the tights.


    Describes all processes that tights go through once knitted, in order to obtain their colour, texture and shape.


    Bicoloured or bicoloured pattern.


    Elastic in two directions.

    Bicomponent yarn

    A yarn where two different basic materials with differing shrinkage characteristics are joined into a single filament*.


    effect yarns with loops or ringlets.


    Brand name of INVISTA* (formerly DuPont) Bicomponent yarn*.

    Chiné look

    Bicoloured, blurry background.

    Corespun yarn

    “Wrapped core”. Cotton or wool are wrapped around elastane.

    Colour Swatch

    Texture and colour swatch

    Control Top

    Top tights with figure-shaping panty section.


    Often used in combination with other materials (e.g. Opaque Naturel*).


    Cotton Velvet


    (Abbreviation: dtex) Metric measure for description purposes.


    (Abbreviation: den) The thickness of a yarn. The thinner, the finer, e.g. 5 den = 9,000 m of a yarn weighs 5 grams.

    Double wrapped Lycra®

    Lycra®* wrapped inside and outside, mostly with smooth Nylon*, one wrap anticlockwise, one clockwise.

    INVISTA (formerly DuPont)

    Producer of synthetic fibres (important brand names: Lycra®*, Tactel® *,Cantrece®*).


    is a general umbrella term for super elastic fibres that can be combined with all natural fibres and synthetic fibres.


    The basic material – be it natural or synthetic – from which textile yarns and fabrics are produced.


    A tiny threadlike element of a continuous synthetic fibre.


    A single fibre in continuous synthetic fibres.


    A stocking is pulled over a leg form and given its leg shape by the application of heat.


    Hosiery article not visible in a closed shoe, protecting the foot (Pas de deux).

    Hosiery gloves

    Gloves for putting on tights


    Unique Wolford clothing concept. All products can be mixed and matched with each other, thus providing various styling options right round the clock and for any occasion.

    Carton insert

    Carton insert for products


    Knee-high stocking

    Crimped yarn

    (Bulked yarns) achieved with mechanical treatment and heat, crimped yarns made of synthetic filaments*.

    Artificial silk

    Original term for continuous viscose filament yarn.


    Support function is not achieved with a knitted waistband or sewn-on waistband, but with a 10 cm long support zone in the upper panty section. This means no pressure on tummy and waist.


    Brand name for elastane* from INVISTA* (formerly DuPont), super

    Lycra® 3D

    Lycra® is knitted into every stitch and every row. This creates a superbly even look, maximum elasticity and extraordinary fit, e.g. “Individual”. Developed in 1991. Tights produced in this way and that meet prescribed standards have been certified by INVISTA (formerly DuPont) since 1994 and designated Lycra® 3D.

    Stitch stop

    Knitted-in symbol (in micromesh*). No ladders.

    Merino yarn

    Material made of the fine wool of Merino sheep.

    Microfilament, microfibre

    Consists of very many fine single filaments or single fibres (1.0 – 0.3 dtex).


    Durable knitting design where stitches only run upwards. Because it looks a little coarse and has a pattern similar to honeycomb it is rarely used for the leg but rather generally for reinforcing the panty section (panty section Absolute Support with Control Top).


    Elastic only in one direction.

    Bare Lycra®

    Lycra®* is used as made by INVISTA* (formerly DuPont), without any enwinding.


    Another term for polyamide.


    Non see-through

    Opaque Naturel

    product made of cotton (inside) and polyamide* (outside), created using a special Wolford knitting technique (plating).


    Knitting two threads in parallel, such as glazed yarn and cotton, so that the glazed yarn appears on the outside and the cotton on the inside.

    Reciprocated heel

    Knitted heel on tights (as opposed to formed heel).


    Brand name for polyamide*.

    Piqué look

    Waffle look.


    Synthetic fibre: main component in the material composition of tights.


    Synthetic fibre.


    Synthetic fibre: used for products with bi-colour effect*.

    Push-up effect

    Forming and supporting effect on certain parts of the body (Push-up Synergy).

    Raschel fabrics

    produced on special tricot fabric machines

    Unhooped look

    The same yarn is used in every row (as opposed to: alternating*), e.g. Individual

    Round luminous

    The cross section of Nylon yarn* filaments* is round.

    Satin Opaque

    Tights with luxuriously iridescent, opaque material.

    Satin Sheer with Lycra®

    Protected trademark of INVISTA* (formerly DuPont) for legwear with wrapped Lycra® in every second row.


    Group of transparent legwear items.


    Stay-up* lace ribbons or smooth ribbons are coated on back with silicone, providing superior adhesion on leg.


    Hold-up stocking with a (lace) ribbon coated on back with silicone*.

    Knitted trim

    Trim is knitted to tights (e.g. Individual).

    Support & Forming

    Supporting and forming.


    Registered trademark of INVISTA (formerly DuPont) for a family of garment fibres based on polyamide.


    Thermo-mechanical altering of smooth filaments with the aim of increasing total volume and elasticity.

    Textured yarn

    Crimple yarn or bulked yarn.

    Trilobal fibre

    Cross section of Nylon yarn* filaments composed of three semi-circles.

    Wrapped Lycra®

    Lycra®* wrapped with polyamide*, material used most in the hosiery industry.

    Velvet de Luxe

    Super soft polyamide yarn, specially produced for Wolford.


    Particularly stressed segments such as toe section, heel or panty section become more hard-wearing with added knitted-in Nylon.


    Synthetic fibre made of a natural basic material (cellulose).


    Wash bag for legwear and bodywear

    Wool seal/wool mark

    Protected quality label for new wool with certain quality features.

    Wool Cotton

    Cotton on skin and finest wool on outside, made possible through a special knitting technique developed by Wolford (plating).

    Note: The terms contained and explained in the glossary are marked with a *