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    Do I have to pay multiple shipping costs for several orders?

    Orders are generally free of shipping costs, surcharges are only incurred for Express/NN. Unfortunately, it is not possible to summarise orders; once an order has been sent in the web shop, it cannot be summarised together with another order.

    Where and how can I order Wolford catalogues?

    As Wolford is not a traditional mail order company, there is no catalogue. You can find an overview of the collection and detailed product information directly in the online shop.

    I would like to cancel my order.

    Ordered items can only be cancelled through the Callcentre. However, we work to send the shipment to you as quickly as possible and this is why it is possible that the shipment was despatched immediately after you submitted the order. As a result, the order cannot be cancelled. However, you can return the delivery after you receive it.

    How high are the postage costs?

    Irrespective of the order value, £ 0

    An additional £34.00 is charged for deliveries using the express service and £17.00 for COD.

    Can my item be delivered?

    The availability of the product can be seen on the item detail page.

    When will my item be delivered?

    If your items are on their way to you, you can track the status of your order online at any time via your customer account (registered order required). In addition, after you order you will receive an email giving the status of your order.

    Do you deliver abroad?

    Wolford only delivers goods within United Kingdom.

    Customers living abroad can order through the country-specific online shops.

    How can I become a Wolford customer?

    When you register, as part of placing your first order, you become a Wolford customer and receive a customer number.

    Logging in to the Shop does not work.

    In the "My login" field, enter your email address and your password.

    Then click "Login".

    You can request a new password by clicking on the service "Password forgotten". In order to guarantee the security of your data, the email address you used to log into your personal account is required. Your new password, which you can then change individually, is sent to the email address we already have. As only you or an authorised person has access to your email account, your password is not sent to unauthorised persons.

    My name / address has changed.

    You can easily change your name and address online in the "My Wolford" area, under "Address access data" (enter path).

    Can I see my account data on the internet?

    No, your account data are not available online.

    Can I return goods and who pays for this?

    Yes, you can return delivered goods free of charge, without having to give a reason, within the return period of 7 days.

    If you have already paid for the goods, this amount will be refunded, insofar as you are not required to pay compensation.

    Where do I send (ONLY) complaints about product defects?

    If you have cause for complaint regarding products purchased from the online shop (despite our careful quality control), please send the item/s with the comment "complaint" to the complaints return address listed below. Your return/s will be subjected to a careful examination by our quality assurance department and a complaint report will be sent to you.

    Please note:

    • This address is only for complaints!
    • For organisational reasons, it is only possible to make complaints about products which have been purchased from the online shop.

    Please always submit complaints about products from where you bought them. This facilitates a quick and uncomplicated processing. Many thanks.

    Where can I see the available sizes?

    The sizes available for the respective product can be found directly in the product view from where you can also order the item.

    What does the colour and size information directly next to the product image mean?

    1. Sizes

    The available sizes are displayed next to the product image. If sizes are not currently available, these are marked as such. This is how you can see which sizes are still available.

    2. Colours

    The available colours can be seen in the product information next to the product images. These are displayed using small icons (colour images). All colours displayed there are also available.

    You can select the colour for your order/s by clicking the small dot next to the coloured icon. This is displayed as black after the selection has been made.

    Can the online boutique provide information about the subsequent availability of individual items?

    Unfortunately, the online shop cannot provide any information about the subsequent availability of individual items.

    How high is the minimum order value?

    There is no minimum order value.

    How long does the delivery take?

    With normal service, the delivery time is within United Kingdonm up to 7 days.

    If you place an order with Express shipping before midday, the first attempted delivery is made on the working day following the order. Please note that only orders placed before midday are delivered, orders placed after midday are delivered on the next-but-one working day, even with Express shipping.

    Price changes after an order has been placed

    The price shown at the time the order is placed applied to the order. Subsequent changes in the price of the ordered goods cannot be granted.

    Payments by credit card

    We accept: Euro/Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Your credit card is of course only charged when we have shipped the ordered item.

    Card Validation Code:

    In order to make transactions on the internet even more secure, it is necessary to cite the card validation code (CVC2 or CVV2 number) for credit card payments. This number is not stored in the magnetic strip and is not printed on payment receipts. By requesting this card validation code, it can be ensured that the customer has their credit card in front of them and thus card numbers cannot be used illegally by third parties for the order.

    On Visa and EuroCard/MasterCard, the card validation code is a three-figure number which is printed at the top-right of the signature strip next to the possibly repeated credit card number. On American Express cards, the card validation code is printed on the front, at the top-right above the raised card number and comprises four figures.

    In order to guarantee the security of your credit card details, your full details are transmitted encoded via SSL-Servers and thus are secure from third party access.

    In general, the following applies to all credit card payments: In the event of credit card misuse by an unauthorised person, you can lodge an appeal with your credit card company. In the case of misuse, you will receive a refund.

    Read more about this under Data Security, Legal Information.

    How does payment on delivery work

    Payment on delivery is easy and secure. You pay the invoice amount in cash direct to the deliverer (HERMES or DHL) when you receive the ordered goods.

    However, payments on delivery are also expensive for you in comparison to payments made by transfer or by credit card. For this service, DHL and HERMES charge us an additional COD fee of Euro 4.60 which we have to pass on to you in order to maintain our free delivery service. Euro 2.00 is also charged for transferring the money which the HERMES and DHL parcel services charge on the purchase amount.

    Payment on delivery is currently only available in Germany.

    What happens to my data ?

    The security of your data is a top priority for Wolford! In general, you can visit the Wolford online shop without having to leave behind personal data.

    If you then choose

    • to make an order
    • to subscribe to our newsletter, or
    • to register in the "World of Wolford"

    we need your details in order to be able to offer you the best possible service. All your personal information is transmitted encoded via a "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) connection.

    The encoded information about your order, your name, your address, credit card or bank details cannot be read by third parties.

    What are cookies and why are they used?

    Cookies are small data sets which are stored on your hard drive by websites, in order to guarantee recognition when you visit them again. This is a common application which enhances service and comfort for the user. You can deactivate the saving of cookies at any time or prevent this from the very start by adjusting the settings on your browser.

    In order to be able to submit your order in the Wolford online shop, the security settings on your browser must permit cookies to be saved on your computer. This allows your shopping cart to be kept available, if required, for 24 hours in order to facilitate a later order. The "Save person data to hard drive" function at the end of the order process also activates a cookie and allows your address data to be entered automatically into the form when you place your next order, thereby saving you having to do it again.