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    Care Instructions

    Luxury items require special care. As our products are made from top quality materials, special care also guarantees long life.

    To make sure you continue to enjoy our Wolford products for a very long time, the following are a few tips about washing and caring for your favourite items!


    We generally recommend washing bodies and tops carefully by hand.

    When machine washing please follow the special care instructions found on the label sewn into the garment and protect bodies by washing them in the Wolford washbag. Use mild detergent for very delicate items. Please wash any knitwear inside out to protect fibres.

    When hand washing please make sure the liquid detergent is always fully dissolved. Rinse products first with warm water, then with cold. Then roll up knitwear in clean terry towels or spin using the short spin program (never wring out). After spin drying gently reshape garment. Lay flat and allow to dry.

    The Viscose/Viscool range can be machine-washed at 30°C. Viscose is known for "wet rigidity", i.e. the garment becomes hard and shrinks somewhat, but will quickly regain its original shape when ironed.

    The use of a fabric softener is recommended. Lay flat to dry!


    We recommend washing your legwear products by hand in lukewarm water every time they are worn, using a very mild and gently cleaning liquid detergent. Each time they are worn, hosiery items (especially the silicone bands on stay-ups) absorb cream or lotion residues as well as finest skin particles. These impair perfect fit if legwear is worn again without being washed.

    When machine washing we recommend using the Wolford washbag and the delicates cycle to protect your legwear in the washing machine.

    When hand washing, please put a little mild detergent on your legwear and squeeze it gently in hand-hot water. Rinse thoroughly but do not use fabric softener. Now your hosiery is once again pleasantly fresh, the silicone layer on stay-ups is free of residues and you will have the pleasure of a perfect fit.

    Hosiery products have particularly delicate structure so please don't forget to remove your jewellery when hand-washing them.